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Monday, March 15, 2010

SoftMouseDB Professional & Enterprise: ** IMPORTANT** Message Update # 2

SoftMouseDB server update:
- Over the weekend, the Iseehear Team has decided to upgrade the IT infrastructure this week (week of March 15)
- This decision was made to ensure that the performance of the SoftMouseDB Professional and Enterprise IT infrastructure meet your demands and the demands of the growing SoftMouseDB user community

What this means for you:
- During this time period, SoftMouseDB will be accessible to you via Iseehear Research Continuity Environment (make that a link)
- The server will not be accessible during the week of March 15 as we make the necessary upgrades
- We will keep you updated on our progress with the server upgrades

Incident Summary March 11, 2010:
- SoftMouseDB performance at the server was not operating up to specification
- At that time, a decision was made to take the primary service offline in order investigate and resolve the application performance issue
- The Iseehear Research Continuity Environment was activated to provide continued service to our subscribers

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Thank you very much for your continued support.

Kelly Rodriques,
Iseehear Support Desk
Iseehear Network Operations