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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2011 Usability Improvements: SoftMouseDBv1 Mouse Colony Database

Hi SoftMouseDB subscribers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! On behalf of the entire Iseehear SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Database Software Team.

Notice of completed Usability Improvements for January 2011

1. Mouse Filter Box Update (January 1 2011)
2. Wean Date display in Family List (January 1 2011)
3. Allele filter parameter added to Mouse, Family and New Cross Filter Boxes (January 1 2011)
4. Modified the display of the Age of Mice in the Mouse List (January 15 2011)
5. Modified the display of the Litter Info column in the Family List (January 15 2011)
6. Allowed the Phenotype of multiple mice to be edited in the Group Edit function (January 15 2011)
7. Changed the location of the Physical Tag input field in the Edit Family Record for families that have litter (January 15 2011)
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or on a Toshiba Tablet or similar mobile Tablets using your preferred Internet Browser

Subscribers: Please check your email for details related to the Usability Improvements listed above.

Thank you for your support

Kelly Rodriques,
Iseehear Support Desk