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Monday, November 8, 2010

NEW Release - SoftMouseDB (version 1.2.4) - Usability Improvements

On Saturday evening November 6 we released a NEW Mouseline Archive feature to SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software version to  

Purpose of the Mouseline Archive:
  1. The main purpose of this function is to allow you to place into "archive" Mouselines that are no longer in use in your laboratory
  2. An "archived" Mouseline will thus no longer appear in any of the Mouseline drop down lists or Mouseline filter lists
  3. The goal it to reduce the number of mouselines you will need to scroll through when selecting mouselines for new mice / crosses, editing mouselines for mice and family and filtering your Mouse, Family and Cage Lists by Mouseline.

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Kelly Rodriques,
Iseehear Support Desk