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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Release -- SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software Usability Improvements

Hello Subscribers,

We have released a new SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software version (v1.2.0) to over the past weekend.

The new updates include:
1. Updated the login sequence.
2. Updated design.

Subscribers: Please check your email for details.

SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Software usability improvements:
As you may be aware, we are continuously trying to find new ways to improve the usability of SoftMouseDB. 
That said, thank you very much for your responses to the change to the Login sequence question that I sent out last week.  

I will be sending out another quick question email later this week based on additional feedback that we have been getting. I sincerely appreciate the honest feedback and thoughts that you have been sending me.
Kelly Rodriques,
Iseehear Support Desk